Over Easter a group of friends from the High Range 4WD Club and myself undertook the “Outback Loop”.  All vehicles had been well prepared for the trip by various 4WD  “experts” as we were well aware that the roads had been closed due to flooding only a couple of weeks prior to our departure, and the Cordillo Road was an unknown quantity.  I chose to take my vehicle to Alltrac 4WD for its pre-departure check, and I have to say that it was the only one that had no mechanical problems.  This was due in no small part, I’m sure, to the excellent preparation and pre-departure check by Alltrac 4WD.  Sincere thanks to Brad, Marc, (Peter) and all the guys at Alltrac – you helped me cross off another one from the bucket list!

Joy Pawelski

Many thanks to Alltrac for your recent pre end of warranty inspection of my Navara. I’m not going to pretend that I could hear it, but the troubling noise that you picked up in the timing chain was apparently problematic. Without your inspection and follow up phone call to the service manager at Nissan, I doubt they would have replaced the chain. You saved me a lot of money and possible heartache. A huge thanks to your team, fantastic service, I will be getting the Nav serviced here in the future!

Kind Regards
Sam Muirhead Geotechnical Engineer

Thanks Alltrac
This winter we were on a 10 week stint over in WA. That included a few weeks on the Canning. Early  on we had battery troubles (wouldn’t hold a charge), so had to keep the motor running to charge up the engels and thought we’ll have to cancel and get to civilization. Did the usual things checking cleaning terminals etc. Gave Pete’s “remote diagnostic service” a call at Alltrac via the sat phone –  he really doesn’t mind his customers calling if they’re in trouble. He guided us through several tests with the meter: conclusion “a bad earth” he said. Well I had already checked all that didn’t I? Nope as it turned out. Apart from having that “how dumb can you be” feeling we got a real buzz when that battery started chugging along again. That’s just another of the advantages of regularly dealing with Youngy and team.

Greg Cartan

My association with Alltrac started back in the mid 80s when I was unhappy with the servicing being provided on a fleet of Toyota Landcruisers. Cameramen and journalists were driving these in a television newsgathering role and so were doing both city and country travelling and as such, were hard worked. One was even washed down a flooded creek and totally submerged. Alltrac’s expertise with this type of vehicle literally doubled the life on the previous fleet the company had owned. In addition the submerged vehicle had to be completely stripped to every nut, bolt, wire and cog. It ended up outlasting all of the other vehicles.

For the last five years I have been running my own personal Landcruiser at the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary in the northern Flinders Rangers. The sanctuary is pretty famous for its Ridgetop Tours and the current vehicles used on that tour and the Echo Camp Backtrack were originally put together by Alltrac.

Mine had done about 170,000 kilometres, mostly over dirt roads and the pretty rough tracks around here. On a number of occasions I have called on Alltrac to solve suspension problems and recently chassis cracks.

I have always found Peter Young and his team to be committed, reliable and prepared to research a problem. When it comes to four wheel drive vehicles they know their stuff and their service is excellent.

Peter Mac Donald
Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary

May I take this opportunity to thank you and Justin xxxxxxxx for the prompt and professional manner in which you conducted the o/haul. My brother happened to visit the workshop while my unit was there for o/haul and his comment was that these guys are no backyarders and that you could eat your lunch off the floor, it was so clean. These comments make me feel comfortable knowing that an item that is so important will be looked after. I will be recommending you to anyone asking about 4X4 repairs and will use your services again if needed.

Kind Regards
P.M. Wyschnja

Dear Peter and Brad.
Thank you very much for your wonderful advice and work today. It was worth sweeping those extra streets Brad! For some months I have been having trouble with the flouro light in the “living” part of my car. I bought new flouro globes, took three weeks to work out how to change them, and they were still not bright. I also noticed that my fridge was not working well. I thought I would have to go to a caravan shop before I went away to get both replaced. In fact I had been to one, but they could not fit the vehicle in that day, thankfully. Now with my new battery everything is working well. So not only have you fixed my problems, it also means that in future I will know to check the battery first! Thanks a million.

Please find attached the service records of my vehicle. I nearly had a heart attack when I added up all that I had spent on it. The price of a second hand car, and relized you cannot put a price on the places I have been and the sights I have seen. Thanks again for your time and patience.


Hello Peter,
Just a foot note to your report on our 100 series Landcruiser. I have just returned from a 12,000km trip towing an 18ft Bushtracker which included the Tanami Road, a private road [ more like a creek bed from Glem Helen to Yuendumu and the Gibb River Road. All without any problems and this was the real test for your repairs to my chassis. I have no doubt that had you and your staff not found the fault with my towbar, my van would now be on the side of the road somewhere.

Kind Regards

Hello Peter,
This quick note is to let you know of a rare thing that happened to me a couple of days ago … Terrific service. I took my Hilux in with some brake problems and Brad went out of his way to advise me and rectify the problem. Brad was courteous, professional and very helpful.

I have no hesitation in recommending your company to other people and you have won my business in the future. THANKYOU Brad for your help.

Kind Regards

Hi Brad ,
I would like to thank you and the guys there at Alltrac for working through the problem and finally solving the issue with the fit up of the Bilstien shocks.
The drive to Melbourne immediately after they were fitted identified that all the issues we had with the previously fitted shocks have now been eliminated and the vehicle rode very well.
I am very confident that the satisfaction will continue when we next hit the dirt.
Again thanks to you and your team. My satisfaction will be echoed within my 4WD club.


We have lots of comments from return mail; questionnaires we put in each vehicle

Here are some of the replies.

As usual, good service, good advice and hot coffee – Matt
Vehicle is running like new – Cliff
Friendly competent service, keep doing what you are doing – Dave
Thank you for taking the time to explain service and repairs, much appreciated see you next time – Joshua
Thanks guys for discovering my timing problem, more power, better fuel consumption, a win win – Patrick
20 years of top service and advice – Richard
Keep up the good work and Quality – George
Fair prices, great service and product knowledge – Steve
Good service from reliable people, cant improve on first class service – Dave
Real professionals who saved our car. Come and service our cars in France. Thanks for everything – Samuel