Services & Repairs

Do you really look forward to sitting on the side of the track with no shade repairing or attempting to repair your 4WD – I don’t! There are a few items that we come across time and time again, that no matter how well we check over your vehicle, we are unable to check without dismantling components.

These items, depending on make and model, can be: Starter motors, Rear axle bearing, Shock absorbers and Batteries to name a few.

So before your next big trip have a chat to us about the potential problems we have identified with your particular make and model. We can also help you with spare parts you may be likely to require.

Because we have been doing what we do for so long now, we have developed various procedures and improvements on all jobs that we do to make sure that the job we do will be the best for you.

A good example of this is that some years ago we found that some vehicles developed clutch shudder or slippage at earlier in life than what we believed to be reasonable. We overcame this problem by grinding the flywheels slightly courser that is normally done in the trade. The result of this has been a major improvement in clutch, durability and life.

Loan Car

Don’t forget we have our loan car available at a nominal cost. If you require it while your vehicle is being serviced, demand is sometimes fairly high for the loan car so don’t forget to book well ahead.

Quality Control

Before we start work on your vehicle we road test it to [a] confirm any problems that you have described are diagnosed correctly and [b] ensure there are no other problems evident that you may not be aware of.

We then proceed with the job and if any other problems or changes to the job become apparent we contact you. When the job is finished the technician working on your vehicle carries out a final check of all work he has performed and then road tests the vehicle prior to finalising the job.

Then the vehicle is given to another technician who double checks all work performed and has a final road test before handing over the vehicle and signing it off as completed.

Sounds like a lot of time doesn’t it – it is – but we don’t charge you any more because we believe that a vehicle job that comes back for rework will cost us more and also potentially could turn you into a dissatisfied customer..

New Vehicle Warranty Servicing

We can service your vehicle as per the manufacturer’s coupon to ensure compliance with your new vehicle warranty provisions.

Unlike most New Vehicle Dealerships we can also check service and repair the non original items on your vehicle such as Winches, Dual Battery Systems, Fuel Tanks, Spare Wheel Carriers etc.