4WD Suspension Experts4WD Suspension Experts

We recognise that all clients and their desired use of vehicle can not be satisfied with one off the shelf set of springs and shocks, to satisfy your requirements we are able to specify the exact components required from our extensive range. For example for the Nissan GQ and GU Patrol models we have a choice of 8 Coil Spring part numbers and 8 Shock Absorber numbers to tailor the suspension to your exact requirements.

Why replace springs

To restore a vehicle to its original height due to the original springs having sagged.

To raise the vehicle due to increased loads such as long range fuel tanks, winches and camping gear or to improve ground clearance and approach/departure angles.

As most of our springs and shocks have a firmer rate of 10% to 50% depending on application, handling and ride comfort can be greatly improved.

Why replace shock absorbers

Shock absorbers directly affect the handling and braking performance of your vehicle and should be replaced when they deteriorate.

Worn shock absorbers are as dangerous as worn brake pads.

The shock absorber works by damping the movement of the suspension spring in both compression and rebound.

Shock absorbers are a consumable item and in some instances may last no longer than the first or second set of tyres.

When you vehicles shock absorbers deteriorate, your vehicle will not handle or brake the way that the manufacturer designed it to.

When installing improved vehicle springs, shock absorbers with a damping ability to suit the new springs should also be installed.

Why are Alltrac 4WD true Suspension specialists.

Improving 4WD suspension is not just a matter of installing springs and shock absorbers. Personnel with: a detailed knowledge of suspension principals – mechanical ability – wheel alignment – and experience in off road conditions are required to ensure you get the right equipment and the best combination of load capacity, ride quality and handling for your vehicle.

Alltrac 4WD Adelaide are true 4WD suspension specialists we are the only 4WD suspension specialist in SA who have “in house” wheel alignment and balancing facilities. We don’t rely on outside subcontractors – we do the whole job in house and do it properly the first time.

When you deal with Alltrac 4WD for your suspension requirements you are dealing with qualified mechanics not a mechanically inexperienced salesperson. All our staff have many years of personal experience setting up 4WD suspension and heaps off road 4WD experience. We know how suspension works.